Soul Food Friday: I Need To See With A Pure Heart

It’s so hard for moms to find time for themselves.  For me, I tend to find time for reflection mostly in the car and before bed at night.  I keep the car radio on the Christian station and I try to really hear the words of the songs they play every time I go anywhere.  [...]

Teenage Self Esteem And Social Pressures


I don’t want to come across as a prude, but is it really necessary for young woman to “come-out” as sex icons as soon as they hit 18?  Well, even if I am, I don’t think my feelings on this subject are exactly prudish. I’m not talking about celebrities, although that’s relevant too.  I mean [...]

The Grass Is Always Greener

Why is it so hard to just be content? I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what I really want to be doing.  Questioning whether I like my life the way it is and trying to figure out what I can do to make it better. Don’t get me wrong.  [...]

No Easy Way

There’s no easy way out. As hard as that is to face most of the time, it’s true. Everyday I’m reminded of how much we, as in all people, love to look for the easy solution.  Everything from losing weight to alleviating pain and even making money.  We want to pop a pill to melt [...]

I Can Do Everything You Can Do… Differently.

Reflecting on this week, I see a reoccurring theme. The post I wrote on Monday about rebellion in the form of parenting got very positive reactions.  Most parents and, especially mothers, can relate to a desire to parent in their own way.  To pick the things that are most important to them, as a parent, [...]

Aren’t They Cute?

Obviously, I think so.  But I suppose I’m biased.  Just a little. It’s been a busy week.  All I can think about right now is spending a relaxing weekend with these two handsome fellas. In other news, we’re going to find out the sex of baby #2 in one week, so stay tuned! Happy Friday!

Reclaiming Our Sanity


All I did was turn off the TV, but it feels like so much more. As I sit here, reflecting on the day, I am struck by the overwhelming quiet and calm feeling that has enveloped our home.

I know: deep. Bear with me if you can.

Thoughts On Parenting: Who Am I?

I love my parents and I think they did an amazing job raising my sister and me.  Yet, since pregnancy, I have constantly agonized over the decisions I made (I know, par for the course) and the type of parent I wanted to be.  Even now, I could read a million and one books and [...]

April Showers Bring May PRODUCE


Welcome to the May Carnival of Natural Parenting: Growing in the Outdoors This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared how they encourage their children to connect with nature and dig in the dirt. Please read [...]

Jamaica Photo Shoot

Here is a little slide show I made with the photos from our Jamaica photo shoot at the RIU Ocho Rios with Christine Olson:

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