Oh the beauty of childbirth, regardless of location

maternity photo

Beautiful and peaceful are two descriptors I never really expected in the same sentence with “I attended a hospital birth”. But, that’s exactly how I’d describe my friend Diana’s birth.  What an amazing first experience as a doula. I think I’ve mentioned my reasons for my own non-hospital births before.  I can’t seem to find [...]

Fighting for life. Can you help?

News spreads like wildfire. Thankfully in this case. A close friend of mine, whom I’ve known since childhood, Diana (from Hormonal Imbalances) almost lost her twin boys at 18.5 weeks when her water broke this past Friday. She made the decision not to induce and was forced to fight for that decision up until yesterday [...]

As Promised: Littlest Man’s Birth Story


The menstrual-like cramp rippled through my body. “Could this really be it?” I woke up with a start around 8:00 on the morning of Monday, March 26, 2012. I laid there for about twenty minutes timing the contractions. They were ten minutes apart and I prayed they were real. Maybe, Little Man would become a [...]

Introducing Our Newest Littlest Man


Just a short post to share some pictures and share the news. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you already know this, but our newest addition arrived at 6:06PM on 3/26/12 in our home in water. We felt this delivery was the best decision we could have made and I will share the [...]

Not about me. Not My Schedule.


Torture. That’s always been my definition of waiting. I know, impatience isn’t very yogi of me. Even at the height of my yoga practice, I found waiting difficult. Waiting for my body to do what I wanted as my practice progressed? Not my favorite part. Parenting, though, has served as the most amazing lesson in [...]

Working Through My Fears. I’m Finally Ready.

JennRo Photography

Ready for real.  I know I’ve said this for a few weeks now, but I was sort of lying before.  Unintentionally lying to myself and others.  I’d tell someone how ready I was for this baby to arrive and then find myself immediately stricken with fear and say to myself “but, hopefully not today”. I’ve [...]

Why I can’t just leave it alone.


It’s so strange to think about how much different my life, thus far, could have turned out… The birth of our second baby quickly approaches and nearly every person I met over the past week has asked at which hospital I plan to deliver. I find myself at a loss for the words to adequately [...]

Home Birth Preperation: where’s my brain?

I feel like I’m on another planet these days.  My to-do list is so long, I’m having difficulty staying present. It’s not just the house.  I mean, yes, the house adds to the list, but there’s so much more on my mind (despite my watching HGTV almost nonstop for the past week).  I’ve spent so [...]

I realize we don’t live in the dark ages, but…

Com’mon people! I don’t understand some of the questions I get when I say I had an unmedicated birth and I’m planning to have another.  (I’m not going into the preconceived ideas about home birth right now.  That’s a whole other post.) Yes, I understand my super short birth story doesn’t make me an expert [...]

Sometimes, all the dots connect.

Every once in a while I have one of those moments where I feel this spark light up inside me. A moment where so many things I never saw as connected, connect. Does that make sense? I’ve always been a little bit of a dreamer I guess.  Not in a living on another planet sort [...]

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