Childbirth – An Awesome Journey

Today, I checked the blog of one of my friends and I LOVED today’s post, The Point Of Birth!  She made an awesome point that, childbirth is not a contest.  I think as a pregnant woman it is easy to get caught up in birthing strategy and put a little too much emphasis on the way a child is born rather than focusing on the most important thing: the successful delivery of a strong, healthy life into this world.

I’ve mentioned before that I had an all natural birth at a birthing center.  I’ve probably mentioned that it was the BEST experience of my life.  Seriously!  But, when I say I had a drug-free birth, people think I’m bragging and expect a cookie and either roll their eyes or verbally pat me on the back.  That is never my intention and I am sorry if I come across that way!  I try to remain selective about when I bring the subject up.

So here’s a list of situations that motivate me to tell my story:

  • When a woman tells me what an AWFUL experience her birth was - my birh experience was empowering, amazing, and beautiful and I want other women to have that same experience… by WHATEVER means… whatever that may mean for them
  • When a woman tells me that she had an epidural and it’s the ONLY way to go -  it’s simply not the only or best way to go in every situation… it just isn’t… I do not have a high pain tolerance – I’ve passed out more times than I can count on BOTH hands just from stubbing my toe or biting my tongue.  NO EXAGGERATION!
  • When Dylan’s new pediatrician asks questions about his birth -  no explanation needed

In any case… the point is, I DO NOT believe a birth center or a drug-free birth is the only way to go.  I do believe it was the best way for me because I had a wonderful experience.  I also wish that more women knew that they had other options besides the “norm”.

That being said, the doctors and health care professionals who work in this nation’s hospitals are hard working, dedicated professionals who bring so many beautiful lives into this world and I have so much respect for them!

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