COMPLETELY Stressed out!

Yup, I’m going to vent on here again.  Sorry!  I feel like I am going to have a melt down because nothing is lining up!  I do know it could be worse and I am trying VERY hard to just have faith that God provides and everything will work out.

I have NEVER been one to stress about money.  I’ve been broke before and I made it work, but I was on my own at the time and obviously not a SAHM.  So much has changed since those days!

First of all, it is no longer all about me.  I can’t just decide to eat less for a while to get by because now I have to think about my son.  I also can’t say, “screw it, a little debt wouldn’t hurt” because I have to think about Dylan and any other future child(ren)’s future(s).

Second of all, I’m not the one bringing in the income.  This is the part that is killing me!  It is so important to both Andy and me that I get to stay home with Dylan. It is something we have always agreed on and that hasn’t changed, but it makes me feel so helpless!

Just FYI, we moved to the DC area because of a new job for my husband.  He is making more money and doing something he really enjoys AND the company paid for our move.  We love our new apartment and where it is located!  What stinks is: our house out west is still sitting on the market.  We LOVED this house and were so sad to leave it and now we have dropped the listing price (a price where we already were going to barely break even) six percent and the latest feedback we received on the house RIPPED it apart.  People are literally looking for EVERYTHING in a house at a HUGE discount… it’s getting a little ridiculous.

So we are struggling until we can sell our house and how can I justify finding a new job for only a few months while our house is on the market?  So in the mean time I am just a stressed out mess with a baby who has figured out how to pull himself up in his crib and therefore won’t take his nap!  Please pray for me! :)

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